Flood level forecast lowered – ‘We’re really relieved’ says council leader

It looks more and more like York has dodged a bullet.

The latest prediction for the peak level of the River Ouse is 4.6m, below the level that would overcome the city’s defences.

City of York Council leader Keith Aspden said:

  • We were really relieved to hear from the Environment Agency this afternoon the revised prediction for the river level to 4.6m.

    And the city’s defences are 4.8m.

He said the council had done all it could over the weekend to prepare. Now it was time to recognise that the floodwaters are still here, “but also looking to the future in terms of making a case to government and the Environment Agency for more certainty”.

  • With climate change it can’t just be about flood defences to stop the water.

    We’re going to have to look at reducing the amount of water. So for example, work upstream, landscaping, as well as flood defences.

    For the Environment Agency the big challenge is you need to spend the money that you’ve been given by the government. But you also need to help individual householders.

    For too long a lot of this work has been too slow. This is another big reminder about why in cities like York we need to speed up that work.