Flood hit businesses in York tell of their anguish

Open for business – Plonkers on Cumberland Street. Photograph: Plonkers Winebar on Facebook
Sunday newspaper The Observer has been reporting in York as part of its flooding coverage.

You can read the full story on the Guardian website here.

But here are a few quotes which shows how difficult these past weeks have been for riverside businesses.

Plonkers owner Leann Williams says that a pump system means the bar is still open during the floods, but people assume it’s closed when they see water at the end of Cumberland Street. She said:

  • I’ve had this business for 30 years, and I have flooded nearly every year.

    I’ve listened to every story and every solution and every promise, and nothing will get done, it just stays the same.

    This street is known as the flooded street, so we’re the one that’s classed as closed. It’s half-term and it’s just awful. It’s horrendous.

    I get really emotional about it because it’s 30 years and I’m at the point now where I’ve had enough, I want out. For 30 years I’ve provided jobs in this city. I’m done, I don’t want to do it any more. It’s heartbreaking.

Dyls Café Bar on Skeldergate Bridge is another on the frontline. Malcolm Dyl has spent about £80,000 on flood barriers and water pumps to keep the business safe, he told the Observer’s Jessica Murray:

  • We’re suffering extremely badly at the moment.

    When the water is up, somebody has to sleep here all night because the electric could cut. If the electric cuts we have to put a generator on – it costs money.

    What if this time it does come up over the barrier? It’s very close to. It will wipe our business out completely.

    Our trade is down by 80% this February compared to last year, so you can imagine our cash flow. Our budget has gone out the window. Everybody I speak to, I just don’t get any help.