Family of river victim fear he might have been murdered

Dame Judi Dench Walk was sealed off as emergency services recovered Joe Rainham's body. Photograph: Richard McDougall

The family of Joe Rainham, whose body was recovered from the River Ouse in October, have voiced their fears that he might have been murdered.

His brother Brighton and aunt Media have spoken to the York Press about their concerns over how he died.

Joe, a chef from Wilton Rise, was 33 when he died. Family members are convinced that his body was dumped in the river after he had died elsewhere after suffering from foul play.

Media told the Press:

  • If he had suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of the shock from falling into the river, he would have ingested water. Therefore, he must have suffered the arrest previously – unless it happened on the bank and he then fell in.

    But he was fit and healthy, and he hated water and never went near the river.”

They are campaigning for an inquest into his death. The coroner has said a decision about that would be made this week.