‘Don’t head out to go sledging, it breaks Covid rules’ warn police

File pic: Immo Wegmann / Unsplash

It’s been snowing, school’s out for most – and so thoughts turn to sledging.

But there is a stark message from police today: Don’t head out to sledging spots, it’s against the rules.

The Selby Neighbourhood Policing Team posted this on Facebook: “We know the sight of the lovely snow is really attractive but please do not head to locations to go sledging!

“We have already had several families attend Brayton Barff which in turn has created a gathering in breach of Covid regulations and travelling to this location for this purpose is a non essential journey.

“We promise we are not killjoys but it’s really important you follow the guidance and stay home. What better day to stay warm and toasty inside!”

Not everyone was impressed by the instruction. “I’m all for following the rules, but surely a daily walk, and taking a sled to keep kids happy that can’t do anything else, really isn’t all that bad… supermarkets are bloody worse!” said one mum.

But others understood – one said: “The hospitals don’t need any further admissions with broken bones either.”