Chicken kebabs and home-made chips – one of the street food options coming to Parliament Street

Simon Long, Shambles Kitchen. Photograph: David Dunning

Street food is being served on Parliament Street now the city is reopening.

Among those traders dishing up tasty treats is Simon Long of Shambles Kitchen.

“You normally see it at Christmas, when we’re doing Thor’s – but the council are providing a lot of seating on Parliament Street.

“There’s going to be four of us local businesses doing some food out here to help feed everyone, and to make sure there’s plenty of socially distanced socialising going on.

“We will be doing kebabs. It’s a long time since we’ve done that, we’re really excited about it. We grill the chicken on charcoal, served in salads with home-made chips.”

Because Shambles Kitchen is more about takeaway and street food, it has “been really busy” in lockdown, Simon said.

“It’s not hit us anywhere near as hard as it has restaurants. So personally, I’m going to be booking myself into as many restaurants as possible to help help those guys out.”