‘Bring it on!’ York Labour’s Pete Kilbane wants an election now

Labour deputy group leader Pete Kilbane

Pete Kilbane, the deputy leader of York Labour Group, is naturally delighted that the Conservative Prime Minister is leaving office.

This is what he told David Dunning on YorkMix Radio today:

The whole thing has been a total fiasco for months – and even now the Conservative Party seem intent on dragging out the agony for another another two months.

Essentially, it seems that what the Conservative Party and Boris Johnson are mainly interested in is the Conservative Party – rather than getting on with running the country and helping people out.

David asked Cllr Kilbane if he would welcome a quick General Election. He said:

Bring it on. I think the country needs a change and we’re ready for it.

It would be great to give people that opportunity for a total fresh start, ditch this self serving elite who are just running the country in their own interests, and try and concentrate on the real people who need support and assistance to see us through the current cost of living crisis and the coming recession.