Bootham School: ‘What an amazing and inspiring group of young people’

Two Bootham School students after getting their A level results

Chris Jeffery, head teacher of Bootham School, said this year’s A level students are a class apart.

“What an amazing and inspiring group of young people; how they deserve their success,” he said of their A level results today.

“We marvel at how this lovely group – and countless other young people throughout the country – have responded to the enormous, sustained and well-documented challenges they have faced over the past 17 months.

“The way they have managed has demonstrated positivity and resilience in abundance, which is reflected today in some truly well-earned and impressive results for us to rejoice in.”

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Eleven out of 70 students achieved a clean sweep of four A* grades, two more achieving at least three A* grades and 31 students in total achieving at least three A* or A grades.

Mr Jeffery said: “Just as impressive are the results of those students who have produced their very best in achieving a variety of other grades; we have plenty of those too, of whom we are equally proud.” 

He added: “The one major plus of this year’s system is that it seems to have enabled more students to be graded on the best standard of which they are capable.

“This arguably better reflects their true standard than a purely exam-based system, where one bad day or even one bad question can be disproportionately influential.”