Bootham head praises the resilience and positivity of students

Head of college Helen Sharp and head of geography Liz Brown with the class of 2022

“This group of students has probably had to cope with the worst of the effects of the pandemic, since they hadn’t had the chance to sit any public exams over the past two years” Bootham head teacher Chris Jeffery said today.  

“For them to come out with such impressive results today is not just cause for celebration in its own right, but a real testament to the resilience, intelligence and immense positivity of this cohort of fine young people. 

“It also speaks volumes for the skill and deep commitment of their teachers, who have looked after them so caringly, and kept them learning so purposefully, through the ups and downs of that time.”  

“Most pleasingly, among our results today are a good number of instances in which individual students have faced significant additional personal challenge over the past couple of years, but emerged with grades of which they have every right to be deeply proud.”  

Among a large number of impressive individual achievements, twins Freya and Zara Forbes each gained 2A* and an A, but are going to pursue very different futures, with Freya studying Medicine at York and Zara, Fine Art at Leeds.   

Bakir Husremovic, a boarder from Sarajevo, Bosnia (and on a full scholarship at Bootham) gained 3A* and an A, and is off to study at Hamilton College, New York.   

Louis Durand gained 4 A* grades to more than meet a very challenging offer to study Physics at Manchester.   

Tom Otley secured one of only two nationally advertised places on a Business Administration apprenticeship with the Environment Agency.   

“One of the most striking things about this cohort is the vast and exciting variety of courses they are going on to study, covering all areas of science, maths, the humanities, business, engineering and the arts. I’d like to think that this epitomises the school’s aim of helping each individual to find the right next step to suit their individual gifts and talents” added Mr Jeffery. 

‘The fact that well over 90% of those applying to university this year got a place on one of their chosen courses in a challenging year is especially gratifying’