Bin collections – Changes in York and Selby

Green bins awaiting collection in York. Photograph: YorkMix

Both York and Selby councils have announced changes to their bin collections tomorrow (Tuesday).

This is from York: “Due to the expected heatwave tomorrow, Tues 19 July, crews will be starting collections earlier than normal from 6am.

“Please present your containers the evening before if you can.

“If your recycling is collected by St Nicks they will also be starting rounds earlier too.”

There’s more on the City of York Council website.

Meanwhile, this is from Selby: “Due to the high temperatures, we have decided to suspend green waste collections tomorrow.

“This will mean all crews will be working together to empty refuse bins and reduce each other’s workload. We have done this so the crews will be able to finish earlier and avoid the extreme temperatures forecast for the afternoon.

“This could mean that some waste collections are earlier than usual, so please make sure your refuse bin is presented by 7am.”

More at Selby District Council here.