Roadworks start on Fishergate and Castle Mills Bridge

1 year ago

Castle Mills Bridge
Five weeks of disruption start today as roadworks are brought in on Castle Mills Bridge.

The bridge will be down to one lane in both directions to allow for the work, which includes repairs and maintenance.

These restrictions are in place around the clock, and are expected to cause delays.

Bus catches fire in York

1 year ago

A bus caught fire on Tadcaster Road in York this morning.

The fire in the engine compartment had spread to the passenger area.

Fire crews from York and Acomb were called out at 9.38am. The fire was out when they arrived, and the driver and passengers were safely off the bus.

Serious accident closes the A19 at York

1 year ago

Police, fire and ambulance crews are at an accident that has closed the A19 near York.

The crash took place near the Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel on Shipton Road. Reports say an HGV has collided with a car.

Fire crews are using cutting gear to rescue a female passenger.

Police are asking motorists to avoid the area, and buses are being diverted:

Pictures of the river at its peak last night

1 year ago

These pictures showing the River Ouse pretty much at its 4.4m peak yesterday are from photographer about town, the very talented Lewis Outing.

They include an image of the Peckitt Street pump working hard to keep the waters at bay.

The river levels are now set to gradually fall.

Photograph: Lewis Outing
Photograph: Lewis Outing
Photograph: Lewis Outing
Skeldergate today. Photograph: YorkMix

Tuesday flooding update – the roads affected

1 year ago

The river level remains high and is affecting a number of roads in and around York.

As at Tuesday (25 February):

  • Skeldergate is closed.
  • Tower Street is open.
  • A19 at Germany Beck – pumps are in place to deal with any surface water. We expect that the road will continue to stay open.
  • Fordlands Road is closed. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is providing a shuttle service for residents.
  • B1222 Naburn Lane is closed.
  • Main Street, Nether Poppleton is closed.
  • Acaster Lane is closed.
  • Millennium Bridge is closed.
  • Knavesmire Road is closed.

Here are the bus routes affected by the floods

1 year ago

This table, from iTravel York, gives details of which bus routes are affected by floods.

As a guide, at 5pm today (Tuesday, 25 February) the river level was 4.45m.

River level*Roads closedBus routes affectedDiversion
3.55mMain St. (Nether Poppleton)10Dikelands Lane, Ebor Way
3.90mAcaster Lane21Appleton Road
3.90mB1222 Naburn Lane42A19
4.00mSkeldergate3, 3A, 4, 59, ZAPNunnery Lane, Bishopgate St.
4.00mSkeldergate45, 46, X46Rougier St, Station Rd, Nunnery Lane
4.3mFordlands Road25, 26Terminate services on Fulford Main St.
4.80m pA19 Selby Rd7, 18, 36, 42, 415A64, Hull Road
4.80m pTower St.3, 3A, 4, 59, ZAPTerminate at Rail Station
4.80m pTower St.7, 42, 66, 415Piccadilly, Merchantgate
5.45mClifton Green2, 2A, 19, 29, 30, 31XA1237, Boroughbridge Rd.
5.45mA19 Shipton Rd2, 2A, 29, 30, 31XA1237, Boroughbridge Rd.
5.45mSalisbury Road2, 2A, 10, 19, 29, 30, 31XPoppleton Rd.
5.45mHamilton Drive16York Rd.

Here’s the river level – live and updated

1 year ago

This live gauge showing the River Ouse level at Viking Recorder, is from Gauge Map.

It is updated hourly.

Keith Aspden in front of a flooded Fordlands Road. Photograph: York Lib Dems

Keith Aspden responds to Fordlands Road flooding concerns

1 year ago

We reported yesterday on the concerns of residents in Fordlands Road in Fulford, about the flooding they are suffering.

Council leader Keith Aspden – who also happens to be the Liberal Democrat councillor for Fulford and Heslington – has now responded. He said:

  • Residents in Fulford should not have to suffer from the flooding on Fordlands Road and Fordlands Crescent. This is an issue I and many local residents have long been campaigning on.

    Although it’s welcome that volunteers, additional Council staff, pumps and tankers have been deployed today, with Yorkshire Water, the concerns of the local community must be taken on board.

    What is most important here is to ensure flood protection for the wider community, including Fordlands Road, Fordlands Crescent and the A19.

    A flood defence scheme developed in isolation, for example, just to protect the A19, would not be acceptable to the community.

He said having secured £500K from the council, “agencies including the Environment Agency, must now urgently bring forward a plan and consultation.

“It is time to challenge partners to develop a joined up flood plan for Fulford.”

Cllr Aspden has launched a petition calling for just that.

He has also been talking to David Dunning of Minster FM about the situation.

A road underwater off Skeldergate in York on Tuesday. Photograph: YorkMix

River could peak as high as 4.72m tomorrow

1 year ago

In the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, we could be approaching squeaky bum time.

The latest forecast from the Flood Information Service is that the River Ouse could peak at 4.72m.

It is predicted to reach that level at 11pm tonight (Tuesday, 25 February).

City of York Council have consistently said the city’s flood defences will hold water up to 4.8m, so it’s getting close.

Skeldergate remains closed today.

Skeldergate in York

‘Nothing’s been done to help us’

1 year ago

“All this flooding since 2000 – nothing’s been done to help us whatsoever.”

Residents at Fordlands Road in Fulford have been explaining their frustrations to David Dunning of Minster FM.

River levels – Monday gallery

1 year ago

Here are some pictures showing the River Ouse at around 1pm today.

York city centre remains mostly unaffected by the localised flooding, and is very much open for business.

River level is falling in York

1 year ago

It looks like the River Ouse has peaked.

The last recorded level for the river in York was 4.44m at noon today (Monday).

That was a fall from the high at around 6.30am of 4.48m.

The snow and rain has now cleared, and there’s very little rain in the forecast for the next few days.

Monday morning update: River due to peak by 9.30am

1 year ago

Source: The Flood Warning Information Service
The River Ouse has now surpassed its previous 2020 peak and at 8am on Monday was recorded at 4.47m.

It is due to rise for the next hour, with a forecasted peak reached at 9.30am of 4.61m.

That’s very high, but comfortably under the 4.8m required to breach the flood defences.

It is then due to start falling, down to a predicted 4.16m by 7am tomorrow (Tuesday 25 February).

According to the latest Met Office weather forecast, the snow and rain this morning will stop by lunchtime.

The there is little rain in the forecast until the end of the week.

The rescue at Naburn. Photograph: Station Manager Tony Walker on Twitter

Firefighters wade in to rescue people from car stuck in floodwater

1 year ago

Firefighters have rescued two people stuck in a car in floodwater at Naburn.

Station Manager Tony Walker tweeted out pictures of the rescue which took place this afternoon.

Crews from York and Acomb were called to the scene and were more than knee-high in floodwater when they reached
the Volvo near Naburn marina. They brought a man and a woman to dry ground.

He said firefighters responded because the safety and wellbeing of the driver and passenger were at risk.

The flood was clearly signposted.

Mr Walker said: “The driver ignored the obvious sign and visible flooding. We will not recover vehicles! Do not drive through flood water!”

He added that he had offered them some “sound advice”.

‘It’s very hard to keep positive when this keeps happening’

1 year ago

Another business owner struggling to stay positive in the face of the ongoing bad weather is Becky Wensley.

She runs Tower Vue Café on Tower Street, and says trade has been badly hit this half term.

Speaking to David Dunning of Minster FM Becky said:

  • We’re very tired after the week that we’ve had, plus the worry about the river.

    You need to be open because there have been visitors to York. But it’s very hard to keep positive when this keeps happening.

She estimates the café has lost between £1,000 and £1,500 this week. And the cancellation of the Battle Spectacular finale to the Jorvik Viking Festival also hit business.

  • This week is normally one of the busiest weeks we have.

    It always has been because of the Viking Festival… This Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be our main weekend – and it just went flat.