Light water alley! Ocean illuminations shine on York street

Underwater illuminations – some of the exhibition in Pica Studios by Lu Mason. Photographs: Richard McDougall
25 Oct 2017 @ 8.06 pm
| Entertainment

Just as David Attenborough returns to explore the oceans in Blue Planet II, York is also shining a light on the creatures of the deep.

These pictures are all from a new installation brightening up the city’s dark autumn evenings.

The Coral Reef

Pica Studios, 7A Grape Lane, York

Till 10pm nightly

Pica website

Created by artist Lu Mason at her artspace Pica Studios, on Grape Lane, it’s called The Coral Reef.

It features coral shapes with all their beautiful wavy fronds and strange sculptural structures, made out of fluorescent and brightly coloured perspex.

There are also fish of all shapes and sizes swimming around the coral, and the whole thing (including a giant fish tank) is lit up till 10pm.

So in this year when we have no Illuminating York, the city has at least one light installation to enjoy.

Lu said: “There are also cut paper coral shapes, reminding us of the threat of coral bleaching. It’s just round the corner from the Minster and Stonegate, so come by and have a look.”