#LetUsPlay: York City and 18 other teams ask for the season to continue as a mini league

19 Feb 2021 @ 6.49 pm
| Sport

Twenty-four hours after their season was declared null and void, York City have issued a rallying cry: ‘Let us play!’

Yesterday National League North and South clubs voted to abandon the campaign altogether, after it had been hit by Covid and cash concerns.

It meant the immediate end of fixtures, and those played so far scratched from the record.

But 19 teams had voted to continue, including City.

And this evening (Friday), they have sent a letter to the National League to propose that they finish the season as a mini league made up of those clubs willing to play.

“We respectfully request that the league strongly consider that the two divisions at Step 2 continue playing their seasons, either separately or as one,” the letter says.

The clubs point out that last year “although the clubs voted to curtail the season, the playoffs and automatic promotion places were sanctioned, and we believe a similar approach should be adopted this season to maintain the integrity of the overall competition”.

League’s integrity ‘in doubt’

York City chairman Jason McGill. Photograph: YorkMix

York City chairman Jason McGill said: “We need to keep playing consistent, competitive football in order for the team to operate with the ultimate aim of promotion.  

“While we understand that some teams have to protect their own interests, it’s encouraging that others have united as a group to fight for the continuation of Step 2 football.  

“The integrity of the league and that of the leagues above is in doubt if this suggestion is not considered and promotion and relegation is not honoured.” 

The club is asking fans to show their support by using #LetUsPlay on social media.