Land next to cemetery could become temporary car park

The area that would be the car park, next to Fulford Cemetery. Photograph © Google Street View

Land next to Fulford Cemetery could be turned into a car park for construction vehicles while building work is carried out nearby.

A planning application has been submitted for land off Fordlands Road to be used as a temporary car park until July 2020.

A new care home is being built on the site of the former Fordlands Home and the application says construction workers need somewhere to park while the work is being carried out.

It says the area is already “overcrowded” because of funeral traffic and extra parking will be needed to deal with the increase in traffic going to the building site.

Overcrowded during funerals

The land between the cemetery and Germany Beck would be turned into 34 parking spaces.

The application says:

  • The nearby construction is currently underway and as more trades will be required on site, our client would like to temporarily convert the proposed area in to car parking spaces providing 34 spaces for the construction workers between now and July 2020.

    This is to try to alleviate already potentially difficult parking solutions in the coming months.

    During funerals the area around the cemetery is already overcrowded, therefore our client anticipates with the increase in traffic and vehicles during the construction phase it would be beneficial to provide additional parking facilities to the trades visiting site.

    This has been agreed in principle with the local parish council (the owners of the land) who are happy for our client to proceed with the application.

Under the plans, plastic paving and gravel would be put down and the entrance off Fordlands Road would be widened with a new gate installed to keep the site secure.

Octopus Health are building a new care home on the site of the old council-run Fordlands Home.

Planning permission for the 64-bed facility was granted last July.

Court battle

Historic: Fulford
The company had previously been given planning permission for the scheme in November 2017.

But the company faced a court battle after a judicial challenge was launched by two Fulford residents, and Octopus made another duplicate application while the case progressed.

The duplicate application was approved unanimously by members of the council’s planning committee in 2018.

Fulford Parish Council had objected to the plans, saying there was “no pressing need” for a new care home in the area.

The previous council-owned care home was shut in 2012.

Documents say trees could be replaced on the car park site after it has been used.