KitKats appear out of thin air! 1,000 free bars up for grabs in York

Time for a break… the KitKats at Rowntree Park. Photograph: Richard McDougall
6 Oct 2016 @ 1.58 pm
| Entertainment

It looked like the chocolate fairy had paid a visit to a York park on Thursday (October 6).

More than a thousand KitKats appeared like magic in Rowntree Park overnight. Visitors to the park were astonished and delighted to see them dangling from the pergola walkway – and helped themselves to the world-famous chocolate bars.

Previously the mysterious ‘chocolate bandit’ had posted hints on social media that something big was coming…

It turns out we have those lovely folk at York’s Chocolate Story to thank for the free treats.

You’ve heard of yarn-bombing – well they believe it’s the world’s first chocolate bomb…


A spokesperson from the visitor attraction said: “We wanted to do something fun to kick-off National Chocolate Week and celebrate our chocolate city.

“Kit Kat is one of the world’s most popular chocolate treats and was invented right here in York by Rowntree’s and is still produced here now. It is almost certainly York’s most famous export!”




KitKat crazy in the park

National Chocolate Week runs from October 10-16. But you’ve only got until the end of Thursday to help yourself to the free Rowntree Park KitKats, which will otherwise to vanish as quickly as they arrived.