Inside York’s newest shop, where you can get a fresh beer – in a can

Jimmy operates the crowler canning machine in Hop O'Clock on Colliergate. Photographs: YorkMix
2 Aug 2019 @ 6.38 pm
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A beer shop has opened in York offering its own canning service.

We reported in June that Hop O’Clock was coming to York – and its opening day was today (Friday, 2 August).

Selling around 130 different types of British and European beers, the shop is found on Colliergate, in the premises where Pandora’s Box used to be.

It is the brainchild of Jimmy Hoggar, who calls it “your local, friendly neighbourhood bottle shop”.

He has moved in above the shop with his Finnish wife Julia Virpi. Jimmy said:

  • She fell in love with York. I really liked the city as well – I’ve been before.

    York’s perfect for a beer shop as well, it’s the beer capital of England.

Only machine of its kind

A close-up of the taps and canning equipment in the shop
Hop O’Clock has a bright and arty vibe. Julia’s artworks are on the walls – and up for sale too.

Jimmy will be playing his vinyl records to add to the vibe. “I’ve got a passion for vinyl as well,” he told YorkMix.

“Eventually I might have a little booth where you can flick through and buy some vinyl.”

His centrepiece, however is the crowler – a canning machine. “As far as I’m aware it’s the only canning machine in York,” he said.

It means he can source kegs of unusual and sought-after beers and can them on the premises so customers can enjoy them fresh at home.

His opening beer is Omnipollo from Sweden. It’s a “a wheat beer with a little bit of tartiness,” Jimmy says.

It’s £7.90 a can. He said:

  • It’s harder to get in so it’s more expensive.

    I’m going to have a more exclusive beer on one tap and a lower priced one on the other – typically between £5.50 and £7.50.

Fun and friendly

Jimmy is from Leicester originally but has been living all round Europe working in youth hostels, most recently in Belgium.

“I’ve been living in Belgium for about three years which is where I really started getting into my beer,” he said.

“I like the variety. I like drinking lots of different types of beer – there are so many out there now. And it’s a fun friendly community to be a part of.”

He’s sorted the beers into types in the shop to make them easier for customers to find.

You can find Hop O’Clock on Facebook here and on Instagram here.