Cheap thrills! How to have a cracking Saturday night in York on a budget

Cocktails all round! Turtle Bay in York. Photograph: Hannah Webster
12 Jan 2017 @ 6.10 pm
| Food & drink

We’re all skint after Christmas. But that doesn’t mean we have to hibernate indoors with Gary Barlow every weekend.

We’ve put together a guide on how to have a fantastic Saturday night out in York without breaking the bank.

Whether you enjoy a quieter night talking with your friends or a slightly louder experience where you can dance until dawn, there are some brilliant deals.

Drink sensibly, have fun – and wake up with cash left for Sunday brunch…

Loyalty card

A good way to start any night in York is in a scenic setting by the river, so what better place than The Lowther?

If you purchase a loyalty card with the Cumberland Street bar for just £1 then you can enjoy treble mixers for the price of a single at £2.50. There is also the offer of two bottles of lager or cider for £6.

To get the evening going with a bang, the pubs very own ‘Lowther Bombs’ – their version of a Jager-bomb – are only £1. With the loyalty card also comes 15% off any other full price drink, so that will always come in handy.

Sup up. Photograph @ Unsplash

Two for one cocktails

For traditional cocktails The Parish on Micklegate has one of the cheapest offers; you can buy two of the same cocktail for £6.

This includes all the usual mixes such as Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan and Woo Woo. For two for one on any cocktails, slug and lettuce is a stylish and quiet place to visit.

Their prices start a little higher at £8.70, however it is free entry and still not a bad price for two drinks.

If you are looking for cocktails that are a bit different, Turtle Bay on Little Stonegate has a wide range of Caribbean inspired two for one cocktails at £7.05. With most of the mixes containing a type of rum you can sit back, listen to some reggae and feel the love.

Deals on drinks

Salvation (George Hudson Street) and Society (Rougier Street) are two of the busiest clubs in York on a Saturday night, known for their popular music choices.

They have many deals on drinks that are appealing to anybody looking for a cheap night. As well as having a jagerbomb for only £1, there is a choice of vodka or peach schnapps mixers at £1.99 for a single or £2.50 for a double.

They also have bottles on offer at £2 each.

Saturday Salvation… Photograph: Club Salvation on Facebook

Clubbing bargains

The Drawing Board on New Street – just off Coney Street – is £2 entry before midnight if click attending on their Facebook events page. Their ‘All Sorts’ Saturday night has exactly that, all sorts of music genres.

Another great offer is when you pay £4 to get into either Society or Salvation, you get into the other for free if you put your name down on their Facebook guest list.

An alternative Facebook guest list to get your name on is Fibbers’ Lollypop and Hustle night. Just £1 entry before midnight and you have the option of two different rooms at the Toft Green venue offering a wide range of music.

The best deals on drinks at Lollypop is £1 shots, £1.50 jagerbombs, £2 on bottles of lager and K20 and finally £2.50 for a vodka mixer.

Have a cracking night!