How to entertain your kids and work from home at the same time

2 Jun 2020 @ 9.12 am
| Family

York, like the rest of the UK, has been in lockdown and although the Government has been easing the lockdown slightly, we’re not completely out of it yet.

We’ve still got some way to go yet and many of us could have to work while the kids are at home for a little longer. Not an easy task. Here’s how parents can entertain their kids during the lockdown and still work from home effectively.

Create a schedule

First thing’s first: you need to create a schedule. That means deciding how much work you want to get done and when you’ll do it – and when you’ll make time to be with your family. Working from home offers flexibility, don’t forget, so if the sun is out, it could be perfectly fine to work in the evening and spend time out in the garden with your children during the day. The sunshine will be good for your wellbeing, too.

Choose activities that don’t require supervision

Choose the right activities and you can get on with some work while the kids get down to the serious business of having fun. A baby or toddler’s nap time is an exceptional time to do some work and slightly older children can watch DVDs, TV or even write stories. Older children may prefer to play video games online or do some learning.

If you’re going to stream movies or box sets to entertain your children during the lockdown, you’ll need a reliable internet connection. If you want to make sure everyone in the house is entertained and have immediate access to the best family entertainment, opting in in a bundled broadband and tv package might be the best way to go. Broadband and TV packages are usually cheaper than standalone deals, and while you might not get the best of both worlds, you’ll get a single bill and more possibilities and ways to keep everyone around you engaged while you deal with work obligations. Just make sure to allow at least 10Mbps per family member and that the channels included in the bundle are the best match for your family preferences.

Have a picnic

Lockdown may have shaken timetables up a bit, but you’ve got to make time for lunch. A picnic is a splendid opportunity to entertain your kids and still complete task within the normal hours of your working day. Pick up a sheet, grab whatever food you have and go out into the garden with your children to enjoy the sunshine. You can even play games while you eat.

Reward good behaviour

If you have a task that you really must complete, tell our children and then set them a calm activity such as colouring or a good jigsaw. Let them know there’s a treat in it for them if they behave. You can let them play on video games, but you must be selective and not allow them to choose violent ones that encourage bad behaviour.

The lockdown is a challenging time for people who are both parents and breadwinners. You have to raise the kids and entertain them, but you must also keep working to pay the bills. Hopefully, the time we’ve already spent in lockdown has given you the time to figure it all out, but if not, the tips above will steer you in the right direction. Stay safe in the meantime and just hang on in there. This situation won’t be forever.