How a video of a York road accident went viral and sparked global debate

18 Dec 2014 @ 10.00 pm
| Transport

It happened many months ago on a busy road in York. But now, thanks to a Los Angeles-based website, a video of a motorcyclist colliding with a pedestrian has gone viral and sparked an international debate.

The film is shot by the motorcyclist via a helmet-mounted camera as he rides down St Maurice’s Road in York.

Whistling, he rides between two lanes of stationary traffic until he collides with a woman pedestrian crossing the road a little way before the Monk Bar Hotel.

An altercation follows. “You all right?” he asks.

“Could you go any faster?” is her annoyed reply.

“I was only going 20!”

The good news is that the woman who is knocked over gets up. Although clearly shaken, she appears relatively unhurt.

But her unhappy experience has now been viewed more than two million people on Facebook, since being posted on December 3, and has attracted more than 10,000 comments.

And another 270,000 have watched it on YouTube, where it was uploaded in April 2014.

Stills from the video… The woman is knocked to the ground
She gets to her feet…
…and remonstrates with the motorcyclist
Before walking off down St Maurice’s Road

The big question

The video was uploaded by Jukin Video – motto “Shoot – Share – Sell” – a website based in Los Angeles, California.

When they uploaded it to Facebook, they asked one simple question:

Who’s at fault?

This seemed to divide the Facebook audience who commented on the video from various parts of the world.

It’s the biker’s fault

It’s his fault he should be looking I saw her from a mile away

– Matthew X Trujillo, California

Biker is at fault, the pedestrian always has right of way. the cars stopped and the woman thought she could safely cross.

– Zach Washam, Arizona

I’m also a biker & usually defend them but this guy didn’t see the woman until she was practically right in front of him even though she was clearly visible. So what the hell was he looking at?

– Jim McFarland, UK

The bike rider is at fault. Should have anticipated stupidity of pedestrian

– Simon Cavaliere, Merseyside

It’s the woman’s fault

By far it was the stupid old lady. Not only was she not looking but she is crossing on a main road without a designated crossing.

– Nathan S Ingram

She should of looked before she crossed! Yes motorcyclists are allowed to do that! Its called filtering

– Sam Howe, Hemel Hempstead

The lady is at fault, she walked into the biker’s path and should be looking both ways as she crosses the road as I believe we are all taught from a young age.

– Betina Bilham-Ware, Eastbourne

Look both ways before crossing the road, we all remember the hedgehogs. Plus it’s a one way road, she only has half a job to do…

– Mark Roch, Pembroke

They’re both to blame

Both at fault. If the guy was looking he could have stopped. The old lady shouldn’t be darting through traffic

– Robert Pearce, Chorley

The pedestrian clearly didn’t look before stepping the path of the bike however, the bike could see that developing from 5-6 car lengths away from the impact so could and should’ve taken avoiding action.

– Bob Kimminau, Lincoln

The locals have their say

That’s in the city of York in the UK. Yorkshire grannies are ard-as-nails!

– Peter Sellers, Pickering

This is in York uk, I frequently cross there and there is a pedestrian crossing literally 2 seconds up the road, when crossing there you’ve gotta be aware of all kinds of traffic, bikes, motorbikes and cars I would say it was her fault

– Kat Atkinson

York has a heavy population of cyclists so this lady is totally in the fault and should have known better.

– Daniel Bird

Or perhaps it’s someone else’s fault…

It’s all Obama’s fault. This would never have happened if that nice Mr Bush was still president

– Tom Daly, Belfast

…or nobody’s

Nobody – there are such things as accident. Why are we obsessed with liability?

– Sam Speight, Bristol

So, people: what do you think?