Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond? Then let us know – so we can share the good news with everyone!

The YorkMix Herogram service is a way to say a public thank you to anyone who deserves it. This could be…

  • a member of your family who is especially caring
  • a friend who has been a big support
  • a nurse/doctor/teacher or other professional who has made a difference
  • an organisation that is doing great things
  • or just someone who has made you happy.

Send in your Herogram on the form below. You can attach a picture too if you have one. We’ll share as many as we can on YorkMix – and give a shout out to the heroes on YorkMix Radio!Remember to put in your contact details in case we need to check anything. There are so many amazing people doing great things. Let’s put them in the spotlight together.

  • Please enter the headline for your story here
  • Add details of your hero here. Please space out every paragraph.

    Word limit: 200
  • Please submit an image that is at least 1000px wide.

    Also please ensure you have the rights to submit the photo (ie it is your copyright, you have the permission of the copyright holder, or it is submitted under an appropriate Creative Commons licence)

    Add a picture caption in the box, crediting the photographer where possible
  • Please include a daytime telephone number in case we need to check anything with you.
  • Add here anything you need to let us know but is not part of the story for publication