Here’s how a major York bridge will look after big refit

One of the artist's impressions of the remodelled bridge
2 Jan 2018 @ 7.02 pm
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This is how one of York’s major bridges will look if plans get the go ahead.

Scarborough Bridge is to be remodelled. Its narrow footbridge will be replaced by a new cycle path.

New images of the bridge have been included under plans submitted to City of York Council shortly before Christmas.

The improvements will ensure step-free access across the river for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users and people with pushchairs.

And it will mean that the 2,600 pedestrians and 600 cyclists who use the bridge each day don’t get in each other’s way any more.

Clever design

The view from the other side

The plans see the 1.3m wide footpath replaced by a new bridge deck which is 3.5m wide.

There will be ramps on either side. The northern ramp is about 90m long, doubling back on itself into the Abbey Guest House car park and existing railway siding.

The southern ramp is about 70 metres long. It would be located on the rail siding and connects the new bridge to the half landing of the existing ramp that goes into the station.

The bridge with its famous hovering ducks
Pedestrians can also use the stairs
There’s more room for both cyclists and pedestrians
A previously released image of the plan
Sharing the walkway

In its planning statement, Network Rail says:

The bridge design cleverly works with existing site features to provide a significantly improved access between the north and south of the city.

It provides an opportunity for all to enjoy a car free walk or ride to the city’s facilities and businesses.

The improved access will also help people go to and from York Central when it is developed.

Councillors agreed to an upgrade of the bridge in August. The cost is estimated at between £4.4 million and £4.9 million.

Of that £2 million would come from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and £1.5 million would come from the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership.

City of York Council would invest about £1 million.

Scarborough Bridge history

The bridge in 1948, virtually unchanged since its rebuilding in 1875. Photograph: National Railway Museum

The original Scarborough Bridge was part of the heroic age of railway building, when ‘railway mania’ gripped the country

It was constructed in 1845 as part of the York and North Midland Railway line from York to Scarborough

The bridge was designed in the office of Robert Stephenson (1803–59), one of the leading early railway engineers

It was upgraded in 1873-5 in association with the construction of York Station

A new steel deck and other alterations were added in 2015

The surviving stonework from the 1845 bridge embodies associations with Robert Stephenson, George Hudson and York’s early railway history