Here’s how many patients are in York Hospital with coronavirus – and how many have been discharged

10 Aug 2020 @ 10.21 pm
| Health

New figures were released today (Monday) showing the state of play with coronavirus in York.

The city’s director of public health Sharon Stoltz told a meeting that York has had four cases of Covid-19 in the last seven days up to 9 August.

She said as at 6 August there were

  • two confirmed Covid patients in general and acute beds at York Hospital
  • two confirmed Covid cases in intensive care
  • and one suspected case.

Between 13 April and 2 August, 134 York residents recovered and were successfully discharged from York Hospital.

The vast majority of cases were treatable at home.

Ms Stoltz said: “We have no care homes in York with cases of Covid at the moment, which is a really positive position to be in.

“The hard work continues with care homes to be able to have very robust infection control procedures in place.”