‘Help us save the bees in York’

19 Oct 2013 @ 11.24 am
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Beekeepers at work from the film More Than Honey. Photograph: Kino Lorber
Beekeepers at work from the film More Than Honey. Photograph: Kino Lorber

vicky-kindemba-headshotAs documentary More Than Honey hits City Screen, Buglife’s Vicky Kindemba explains the problems facing our bees

This year’s cool spring, resulted in a slow start to the year with many insects emerging later than normal. However the long scorching summer made up for it with bees, butterflies, hoverflies and beetles providing a much needed hum and splash of colour to our outdoors.

My garden’s lavender, ox-eye daisies and marjoram were all alive and buzzing with fat furry bumblebees, as well as delicate solitary bees and slender hoverflies, providing me with pollination and entertainment during the long hot afternoons.

We have a great variety of the bees and other pollinators in the UK with around 250 different types of bee. Most of these are solitary bees (which like to mine or burrow to make their nests), including 25 bumblebees and one species of honeybee.

Although we have many different types of bee the actual numbers of most species are in decline, and this is due to a range of problems.

In the UK massive amount of wildflower habitat has been lost through changes to farming and the increasing the size of urban areas, with a total of 97 per cent since the 1950s. Bees are also effected by other issues such pesticides, which can effect their ability to breed and find food.

Although the situation is bad, all is not yet lost and everyone working together can do their bit to help our bees in York and Yorkshire.

At Buglife we have a range of projects working to help bees, which include creating more habitat in Yorkshire countryside through B-Lines and making York city centre better for bees through the Get York Buzzing project, as well as influencing UK government policy on pesticides and planning.

To help you we have some great tips and hints for your garden to make it more bee friendly: you can also join Buglife and support our work. If you have a lot of land you may want to get involved in our B-Lines project which is linking wildflower habitat across Yorkshire to increase the amount of wildflowers and allow pollinators to travel through our landscape.

  • On Sunday, October 20 at 1pm a new film called More Than Honey is on at York City Screen. The film explores the amazing world of Honeybees and some of the current problems bees face
  • For more information, see the City Screen website
  • Vicky Kindemba, conservation delivery manager for Buglife, will be doing a Q&A after the screening and will giving out more information on bees and other pollinators