Health Secretary urged to give local taxi drivers the Covid jab

Photograph: Richard McDougall
11 Jan 2021 @ 12.00 pm
| News

Ministers are being urged to give taxi drivers the Covid vaccine.

A letter has gone to ministers on behalf of the 18 chairs of local private hire car associations. including the one in York.

Taxi and private hire driving is known to be one of the higher risk jobs to do during the pandemic, and many drivers died after catching the virus.

The industry has been asked to support the NHS, Care Homes Schools and other essential services by providing transport and passengers are also at risk too even though the highest standards of social distancing and cleaning are applied.

The letter has beeen sent to the secretary for health and education today and Wendy Loveday, chair of York Private Hire Association has added her signature to it.

She says it’s vital that drivers are added to the list of priority groups who need the vaccine quickly.