‘Have you got these in a 6?’ Cinders surprises shoe shoppers

27 Oct 2014 @ 10.18 am
| Shopping

Well heeled… Cinders in Fenwick
Shoppers were surprised to find a new line of footwear at Fenwick this weekend. Alongside the pairs of leather shoes was the store’s first pair of glass slippers.

But the pair had already snapped up by the woman in the large gown.

Yes, it was Cinderella herself. Along with other members of Pick Me Up Theatre’s next show Into The Woods, she was staging the glass slipper scene at the Coppergate store.

Unsurprisingly Cinders, played by Kirsten Moore from Leeds, found the glittery footwear to be a perfect fit, to the delight of her Prince, Will Campbell-Burrell from Driffield.

While her step-sisters – “beautiful of face but black of heart” Holly Lamb and Katy Glover, both from York, – could not force on the pretty pumps.

Into The Woods is a twisted fairy tale musical by Stephen Sondheim following the story of a childless baker and his wife. Cursed by the witch next door they have to go into the woods to undo the spell.

Along the way they encounter wolves, giants, an ambivalent Cinderella, a greedy Little Red Riding Hood, a rebellious Rapunzel, a too-trusting Jack, and a couple of not-so-princely princes.

  Into The Woods is at the Grand Opera House from December 3 to 6

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