Halloween picture trail gives children a fun, safe alternative to trick or treating in York

24 Sep 2020 @ 10.25 am
| Entertainment

A sweet and spooky picture trail is helping children in York to celebrate Halloween safely, even with current Covid restrictions.

The fun trail – similar to the rainbow trails during lockdown – involves children colouring in pictures of pumpkins, spooky houses, Halloween cats and more, then sticking them in their windows for other children to see.

Families can then see how many they can spot throughout October, as an alternative to trick or treating.

Devised by York mum-of-two Emily Pickard – who runs city parenting website York Mumbler – it aims to help children who might not be able to Trick or Treat this year.

“My kids love Halloween, especially trick or treating, and will be disappointed if they can’t go out on the night,” said Emily.

“But this year, people might not want children knocking at their doors, and parents might not want their little ones rummaging through communal bowls of sweets either.

“The rainbow trails were brilliant over lockdown and we had great fun spotting them all on our daily walks.

“The Halloween Picture trail is a similar idea and gives everyone something fun to take part in. They could do it in fancy dress if they wanted to, and parents could even put a small treat in their child’s trick or treat bag for each Halloween picture they spot.”

You can download a Halloween picture template on the York Mumbler website, design your own, or perhaps paint a funny face onto a real pumpkin and put it in your garden. Colour them, paint them, cover them in stickers – whatever you like!

“Halloween will certainly be different this year but you can still have lots of fun,” adds Emily.

“I can’t wait to see what designs everyone comes up with!”