GeniUS! seeks ideas to boost inward investment into York

25 Feb 2013 @ 4.39 pm
| News

Issued by City of York Council

GeniUS!, York’s award-winning community open innovation forum, is looking for people’s ideas on what more City of York Council can do to increase external funding opportunities and investment into the city.

The latest call for ideas on the GeniUS! online forum has been posted on behalf of the City of York Council’s Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee which is reviewing the council’s activities in this area.

Supporting York’s economy is one of the council’s priorities and it wants to maximise all inward funding opportunities to help create new jobs and build a diverse, thriving and sustainable financial future for the city.

Businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and community organisations in the city are being invited to share and discuss the ideas they have for identifying new opportunities to secure investment and how they could be communicated and supported.

Specifically, people are asked to post their suggestions and ideas around four questions:

  • how best to identify and progress opportunities for citywide funding or investment;
  • how best to advertise and communicate opportunities for investment;
  • who the council can work with to create groups or consortia within the city that can come together to support the work;
  • what would make is easier for people to get involved

Cllr Anna Semlyen, Chair of Economic Scrutiny who suggested the topic, said: “Winning funding from outside York helps improve our city’s economy and competitve advantage. The Council aims to improve at co-ordinating successful bids. We welcome ideas on how.”

For more details about this call for ideas please logon to to get involved in the discussion.

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