Genius mickey-take of Instagram video shot in York goes seriously viral

‘Amazing!’ The York restaurant gets a rave review in the video
5 May 2019 @ 6.18 pm
| Food & drink

She is a full-time blogger who has made it into a number of lists of the ‘most influential’ Instagram accounts.

And now her parents are in on the action, thanks to a video shot in York.

Jess Gibson is a travel and lifestyle writer based in Leeds. She has nearly 20K followers on Instagram, where she posts many stories about her travels and life as a new mum.

So when her parents were booked in for a special night at a York restaurant they decided to do their own version.

And it has gone seriously viral. When tweeted by Jess, the video has been seen more than 1.2 million times

The 45-second video chronicles their attempts to leave the house – delayed by having to put the recycling out – and their trip to Roots York.

They tucked into the ‘Hunger Gap’ feast menu at the restaurant, featuring deer, beef, pickled clams and rhubarb ice cream.

The video is a brilliant spoof on an Instagram story, featuring multiple quickly edited clips and even a home-made ‘boomerang’ effect. And it includes their verdict: “Amazing!” “Yum.”

People loved it – including the restaurant itself…