General election 2019 – Your guide to the York constituencies and candidates

24 Nov 2019 @ 4.16 pm
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We’re into the third general election in four years. So what does it mean for York?

Here’s a lowdown on the candidates and the constituencies.

The constituencies

Following the 2005 general election, the Boundary Commission decided to split York into two separate constituencies, York Central and York Outer, the latter totally surrounding the other. They came into being in time for the 2010 election.

Before the two new constituencies were created Labour held the seat in York for 13 years. Since the formation of the two new seats in 2010 the Conservatives have held York Outer whilst York Central has been dominated by Labour.

How has York voted?

Labour has kept its grip on York Central for the past nine years. First Hugh Bayley then Rachael Maskell have kept the seat red.

And there is little sign of things changing. The constituency doesn’t appear on the top 200 list of Conservative seats according to Election Polling.

Even the backlash over Ms Maskell’s position on legalising abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland is unlikely to be enough to make this a close-run contest.

The Conservatives have held their seat in York Outer for the last three general elections with Julian Sturdy being the only MP to represent the constituency so far.

His majority was reduced to 8.2K at the 2017 election, thanks to a good showing by Labour’s Luke Charters-Reid.

Although beaten into third place, the Lib Dems are hoping for a better showing this time round, hoping that their policy to revoke Brexit will appeal in a constituency which voted 55% to remain in the referendum.

The candidate is City of York Council leader Keith Aspden, and the Greens have agreed to step aside to avoid splitting the Remainer vote.

But according to the Election Polling website it is 137th on the Lib Dems list of target seats.

The candidates

York Central

James Blanchard – Liberal Democrats

James moved to York in 2014 before running for election in York Outer in the 2017 general election. He has previously been on the Kirklees Council in Huddersfield for four years.

Andrew Dunn – Social Democratic Party

If you thought the SDP was a blast from the past, think again. Andrew represents the party in York Central. According to its website: “We represent neither capital nor labour, not private industry nor the public sector, but only the welfare of the British people and residents of these islands.”

Tom Franklin – Green Party

After moving to York three years previous Tom joined the Greens and is now set to run for the first time as an MP.

Tom is a passionate Remainer and recently had this to say in a speech to the council: “After climate change Brexit is probably the greatest issue that we face as a country. It has divided communities in a way that few other issues have.”

Rachael Maskell – Labour

Rachael has been the MP for York Central since 2015. Before becoming an MP, Rachael studied in the university of East Anglia and would then go on to work for Unite the trade union. Whilst in parliament she campaigned for a progressive Living Wage.

Andrew Snedden – Yorkshire Party

We don’t have a lot of information on Andrew yet. But the Yorkshire Party – the sixth most voted for party in England in the 2017 General Election – says: “We believe only an Assembly for Yorkshire with meaningful powers to impact proactively on people’s lives in Yorkshire can deliver the economic, social and democratic change we so desperately need here.”

Nicholas Szkiler – Brexit Party

Nick from North Yorkshire, is standing for the first time as an MP, having previously worked in the motor industry owning a car business now operated by his son. He also has a background in charity work.

Fabia Tate – Conservative Party

`From Malton, Fabia is a firm Brexiter. After announcing she was the candidate, Fabia said: “I’m standing to improve our air quality, protect our green spaces, increase funding for schools and improve social care especially for the elderly.”

York Outer Candidates

Keith Aspden – Liberal Democrats

Keith was brought up in south-west London. In 2003 Keith was elected as a councillor for the first time, representing Fulford. He was then re-elected in 2007 and 2011. He has been the leader of the Lib Dems at York Council since 2013.

Scott Marmion – Independent

Scott was a leading member of the York Conservative Party before becoming disillusioned with party politics. He is standing as an independent to give voters an alternative candidate, and policies include no more unjustified council tax rises, and no more development in the Green Belt.

Anna Perrett – Labour

Anna has lived in York since 2005 when she came to study in the Universty of York. Before becoming the councillor for Heworth she worked as the policy officer for Fenland District Council.

Julian Sturdy – Conservatives

Julian grew up in Yorkshire and was privately educated in Harrogate. He was first elected in York Outer in 2010 and has held the constituencies’ seats in each election since then. He has worked on improving flood defences and was also part of the plans to introduce superfast broadband in the city.