Four bonkers, odd and uplifting videos from York that we felt the need to share

12 Jun 2015 @ 8.32 pm
| News

Here’s a few videos that we thought worth a share. Some are funny, some uplifting, and some downright bonkers…

Jive talking

[fbvideo link=”” width=”650″ height=”340″ onlyvideo=”1″]

A sunny day, a live soundtrack and some jiving in York city centre. What could be better? Wish we could dance as well as the couple featured in this video posted by Majella Gillan on Facebook.

The axe man cometh

Starring a gentleman from York University Medieval Society, who is very much a method actor. His opponent smiles nervously as his sword is smashed to smithereens. Isn’t this against campus health and safety regulations?

Evangelist of fear

This dates back to Boxing Day 2013, when “Evangelist of fear, NESSIE” came to York for the day.

Nessie does the usual tourist trail – Stonegate, Shambles, the Yorkshire Terrier – but it’s the captions that make it. “The city of York town is made up of BC, Roman ruins remains.” Exactly.

Honk if you want to go faster

Clearly York’s goose population have only now realised that Lendal Bridge is open again to traffic. It could be a long summer…