Football zorbing and dancing like Beyoncé – 5 unique ideas for a memorable hen do

Could you learn to dance like this? Photograph: Glastonbury Festival / YouTube
6 Sep 2017 @ 11.09 am
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It’s a few weeks before your wedding and the stress is mounting.

Will everything go as planned on the big day? Have you chosen the right dress? Any bride-to-be deserves a night off from wedding organisation to enjoy a fun-filled time with friends.

Rather than doing the norm though and going out for drinks, York is certainly not short of unique things to do to create an unforgettable hen party to send you off into married life. Here are just a few suggestions of what you could do in York for your hen do.

Chocolate workshop

Photograph: congerdesign / Pixabay

York doesn’t have the nickname of Chocolate City for nothing. With a rich history in the confectionery industry, enjoying a private chocolate workshop with those closest to you is a delicious way to spend your evening, whilst also embracing a part of York’s heritage.

There are many locations across the city that offer all sorts of master classes based around chocolate, including the York Chocolate Story, where you can get creative, trying out different flavours of chocolate and making personalised designs. The activity could be done earlier in the day, so you could fit more than one activity into your hen do.

Beyonce Single Ladies Dance Class

Whilst you will be about to marry the man you love, there is no harm in enjoying a little freedom with the girls. After all, isn’t that what hen nights are all about?

If you are feeling in the mood to party, then perhaps a chance to find your inner Queen Bey is the answer.

Instead of heading to the same clubs and dance floors as everybody else, you and your entourage can learn the secret to Beyoncé’s killer dance moves with lessons from the York Dance Centre.

This can take place in a private studio if everyone at your hen do has two left feet and needs some space, or alternatively in a bar.

You’ll have easy access to a few drinks if you choose that option, so no one should feel too self-conscious. When your Sasha Fierce has been unlocked, you may find you have some moves to show off at the wedding.

Bingo Night

Photograph: Edwin Torres on Wikipedia

Another unique way of celebrating a hen do in York is to head to one of the bingo clubs in the city.

Open from around midday until midnight, you can make this a serious activity or an after dark opportunity for a different kind of fun with the bar on hand to help and the chance to win some money.

If any of your fellow hens are lacking experience when it comes to bingo, you could always help prepare them beforehand when the hen party invites are sent out.

When you are designing the invites, you could add an online bingo link, so your friends have the chance to swat up on their skills and discover everything there is to know about bingo before the big night.

There are usually plenty of incentives to get involved too, like Bringo Bingo’s £30 deposit bonus.

Bubble MayHEN

For those of you who prefer to release some energy in a more unconventional way, then perhaps Bubble Mayhen will be your thing.

This football zorbing combination will let you blow off steam from the stress of your upcoming nuptials. Whether you want to kick a ball, run around or bounce, this crazy game has the potential for a unique hen do with lots of giggles.

There are many locations across the country where you can play, including York, with some venues including a bottle of champagne and a chance to take a Mr and Mrs quiz.

Let’s face it, you need to make sure you are marrying the right person.

Ghost Bus Tours

Inside the York Ghost Bus

Ghostbusters? No, York’s Ghost Bus Tours bring a frightening, yet entertaining approach to hen parties.

With York thought to be one of the most haunted cities in the whole of Europe and having a vast array of historic buildings, this night-time sightseeing tour will bring you and your girls an exhilarating fright as you experience York’s spookiest places.

Get ready to visit the likes of York Minster and Clifford’s Tower like you’ve never seen them before.

There we are then. Five unique and memorable ways to spend your hen do in York. Whilst these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, they will see you on your way to wedded bliss.