Fly your way to fitness! Gym offers York’s first bungee workouts

Zoe Partington and her partner Dimitriy Kulyk in the bungee fitness gear
25 Nov 2018 @ 7.27 pm
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Why run your way to fitness – when you can fly?

A fitness studio has opened where you get in trim by hanging around… in mid air.

The first of its kind in York, Studio Cloud Nine Aerial Fitness offers a unique ‘bungee fitness’ workout involving an elasticated harness suspended from the ceiling.

It is a fun way of exercising that will stretch your body into positions and achieve more than you never thought you could.

They also run acro hammock classes, and aerial strength training.

How it began

An acro-hammock class at Studio Cloud Nine
Owners Zoe Partington and Dimitriy Kulyk opened Studio Cloud Nine in the Rose Centre at York Business Park, Nether Poppleton.

It’s open to everyone and all abilities. “We don’t expect people to walk through the door in their peak of fitness, this is for everyone,” Zoe says.

After meeting five years ago while working on celeb cruises as entertainers, the couple decided to grow their passion for aerial fitness by making it into a business.

There are kids classes too

Zoe felt there was gap in the market for this form of workout in her home town of York. Studio Cloud Nine Aerial Fitness is the first place in Yorkshire to offer bungee fitness.

The studio offers three versatile classes each aiming to explore different areas of fitness for both adults and children.

Aerial fitness classes

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Bungee fitness: Cardio workout. Improve your strength, core stability, co-ordination and stamina.
Acro Hammock: Hammock is a combination of yoga, ballet, pilates and acrobatics. Tone your core muscles whilst working on flexibility in your joints.
Aerial strength training: Strength and endurance, it’s a full body workout targeting upper body.
Kids aerial skills: Introduction to aerial and opportunity for them to learn and develop a new skill.


£13 for a single class
£40 for 4
£100 for 12

‘You can do anything’

Dimitriy demonstrating aerial strength training
Zoe and Dimitriy say a lot of fitness classes are virtual and don’t offer any social side.

Studio Cloud Nine

They aim to create a friendly environment in their small classes to allow them to get to know each person who walks through the door.

The couple want to inspire people to get fit who lack of motivation and confidence. Many enter the classes believing they won’t be able to do it, but walk away feeling better than they did when they walked in.

Zoe says: “If you put your mind to something you can do anything. The minute people walk into the class they are smiling.”

Before opening there was a lot to sort. Inside the studio there are massive metal beams to hold the equipment and people.

The couple are loving watching the business grow and would love to spread to surrounding areas of York.