Flood warning after canal bank breached at East Cowick again

Photo - Humberside Fire and Rescue
21 Dec 2020 @ 12.33 am
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East Riding of Yorkshire Council, working alongside Humber Local Resilience Forum partners, is responding to a flooding incident near East Cowick and West Cowick, south of Selby, after a bank on the Aire and Calder Navigation was breached on Sunday.

Water has been flowing into several nearby fields and there is standing water in Back Lane, in East Cowick, and a temporary road closure is in place.

No properties have flooded as of 0100 Monday.

It’s the same area that was badly flooded back in February 2020

Staff from the council, Humberside Police, Humberside Fire & Rescue, the Environment Agency and the Canal & River Trust – who manage the affected part of the Aire & Calder – are on site responding to the incident and have deployed pumping equipment to help reduce water levels.

The council has also delivered sandbags to the area and has sandbagged adjacent properties.

A night vision drone from Humberside Fire & Rescue was despatched to the scene in order to monitor the situation and help direct operations overnight.

The council has put contingency plans in place for the provision of a rest centre and transport has also been put on standby to assist, if properties need evacuating.

Gillian Barley, head of revenues and procurement at East Riding of Yorkshire Council and emergency control centre manager, said: “The council and its partners are on the scene and are responding to the incident and will have staff and equipment on-hand throughout the night.

“Plans have been drawn up to plug the breach using bags of aggregate and these will be delivered by helicopter in the morning.

“The council and its partners will also be looking to deploy further pumping assets to the area in order to reduce flood waters and defend properties.

“This is a challenging situation, but we will do all we can and as long as is needed in order to support our residents and businesses.”

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