A first in York’s confectionery history – Glow in the dark chocolates!

Count Fectionary and his special glowing choccies. Photographs: York’s Chocolate Story
23 Oct 2017 @ 5.42 pm
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York has quite a record of confectionery firsts.

This city was the one that launched the Chocolate Orange onto a grateful world, pioneered affordable pastilles and even launched the short-lived chocolate covered pretzel.

Now York has made another tasty breakthrough – with the creation of glow-in-the-dark chocolates.

Handmade by professional chocolatiers at York’s Chocolate Story, they will be sold throughout the Halloween season until November 5 – hence the name ‘Shockolates’.

They look really cool

They are said to be covered in goblin snot and taste of lemons

These new concoctions – when put under a UV light – emit an eerie glow, making them a particularly bright idea for this spookiest of seasons.

“Trying new and innovative things is what we’re all about,” said Cheslea Taylor, head chocolatier at York’s Chocolate Story.

“York has a rich history and heritage in chocolate, and we wanted to keep the tradition of innovation going strong.

“Plus, they look really cool!”

Find your treats even at night

A lighter bite

The shocking chocs have arrived just as the King’s Square attraction launched its Trick Or Treat Walking Tours.

They run every day at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm until November 5. Led by Count Fectionary, they will include tales of ghoulish sweets including KitBats and Rowntree Fright Pastilles.

More details on the York’s Chocolate Story website.