Fire breaks out in York library – ‘wonderful’ firefighters praised for response

Acomb Explore. Photograph: YorkMix
14 Jun 2017 @ 6.28 pm
| News

A York library had to be evacuated after fire broke out it in its café.

The drama happened at Acomb Explore, on Front Street, York, at about 10.20am on Tuesday (June 13).

An extractor fan in the cafe caught light. Although it was a small fire it created a lot of smoke.

All staff and visitors were able to leave quickly and safely.

Two fire crews from York and Acomb went to the incident. A brigade spokesperson described it as “a fire involving an extractor fan in a small kitchenette area due to an electrical fault”.

Firefighters extinguished the fire then cleared the smoke using a ventilation fan.

‘So grateful to fire brigade’

Fire crews from York and Acomb responded. File image

Fiona Williams, chief executive of Explore York Libraries and Archives, has an office at Acomb Explore.

She said: “We got everyone out and the fire brigade came and put it out. We reopened in the afternoon.

“The café will be closed a few days, although the damage isn’t as great as I’d feared. We just need to do a deep clean and restock the damaged food.”

Fiona was full of praise for the emergency services:

The fire brigade were wonderful and we are so grateful to them.

They dealt with it swiftly and made everything safe.