Fashion in York: those spring and summer 2014 trends in full

13 Mar 2014 @ 2.20 pm
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Top tip: don't wear these all at once
Top tip: don’t wear these all at once

kayleigh-louise-bell-headshotIs it time to spring clean your wardrobe? You betcha says Kayleigh Bell

We sorted you out with the top trends for the 2013 winter season and as a result York residents were 78% better dressed than in previous years. Admittedly I may be wearing a stained Hogwarts T-shirt as I write this but, let’s face it, the statistics speak for themselves.

Here to guide your wardrobe choices for the next six months are the Mix Six big trends for SS14.

Start dusting off your crop tops as unfortunately they are sticking around for another season like an unpleasant rash that just won’t go away.

1. Pastels

The most notable colour palette for this season is a nauseating, sugar-coated pastel bonanza. The runways have presented a flourish of pink blush tones, lilac candy floss hues, powder blues and sherbert lemons.

This summer a pop of pastel is simply not enough and the fashion-conscious are encouraged to dress in head-to-toe pastels much like a fondant fancy or Battenburg. This is actually a great trend for anyone who tans well or has naturally dark skin.

The bad news is, if like me, you rely on a mix of Factor 50 and large trees to get you through the summer months then this colour palette is probably going to make you look a corpse.

  • Mint green ophelia tunic dress, £14.99, from Ark, Coppergate Walk, York

2 Sports luxe

Much to my disappointment this does not mean a come-back for Kappa popper trackie bottoms or neon Adidas jackets. Most normal people are probably wondering what the hell “sports luxe” is. Well, in a nutshell it’s leisure wear for poncy hipsters.

The pre-dominant theme seems to be US gym class with lots of bomber jackets, boxer shorts, knee high socks, and basketball vests.

This trend is going to be super comfortable with elasticated detailing and over-sized fits providing a pleasant way to flip the bird in the face of crop tops and hot pants.

  • Cameo rose black NYC 6 V-neck baseball T-shirt, £14.99, from New Look, Parliament Street, York

3. ‘Wearable’ art

From graffiti to tribal, abstract to realism, art is a massive influence for SS14.

Surface design is dominated with pop art motifs, jumbo brushstrokes, and bold colours. Forget all those daft ideas that clothes are for protecting our modesty and keeping us warm.

Our bodies are the canvas and our clothes are wearable art, okay? Good, I’m glad we’ve got that one cleared up.

  • Spot collar playsuit, £48, from TopShop, Coppergate and Monks Cross, York


4. Monochrome

It must have been a creatively dry, tumble weed ridden year for the design elite as, much like florals, monochrome is hardly a pioneering new trend.

Black vs. White is a striking combination and is ideal to wear as a statement piece.

There are lots of variations of monochrome around in the form of repeated patterns such as geometric patterns, stripes and spots. Monochrome is a pretty simple trend to get right as long as you don’t step overboard and into an accidental Beetlejuice homage.

It’s as easy to pull off a monochrome colour block by throwing on some black jeans and a white T-shirt.

5. Logos

This spring the fashion gods that-be would like us all to look like a walking billboard for major brands and manufacturers. It’s being referred to as Logomania and basically means all the cool kids will be wearing T-shirts with logos and slogans.

Of course, as we all know, old stuff is always cooler than new stuff so make sure you go vintage with this trend. One of the most questionable style choices of the Nineties can now be relived in all its unfortunate glory.

Think of the Spice Girls head to toe in Pepsi Max and huge Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger motifs.

  • Coca Cola baseball T-shirt in red, £32, from Urban Outfitters, High Ousegate, York

6. Florals

Florals have been regurgitated every summer since time immemorial and 2014 is no different. This year the “new” take on the trend is less twee with big, bold prints and 3D applique. Embellishment is apparently going to be huge this season, so if you would like to achieve the ‘just tripped and fell into a flower bed’ look just sew a load of artificial blooms onto your clothes and you’re sorted.

  • Light blue flower trim beanie hat, £12, from River Island, Coney Street and Monks Cross, York