Drunk man falls in the river, then abuses the emergency services who came to help him

8 Jun 2017 @ 9.36 am
| Crime, News

It is the very definition of ingratitude.

A man fell in the River Ouse in York close to Lendal Bridge at about 7.40pm on Wednesday (June 7), and the emergency services rushed to his aid.

But instead of being thankful, the ‘heavily intoxicated’ man was “aggressive and violent towards us” one of the police officers who attended tweeted out.

The York fire crew who had attended gave the man blankets – but the help was clearly unappreciated.

“We tried to help and calm him down – however he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly,” the York police officer reported.

“Male is physically well and being cared for. He will be spending the evening with us.

“Abuse and aggression towards emergency services staff isn’t tolerated.”