Dramatic pictures show rescue of man from crane over the river in York

11 Nov 2020 @ 8.01 am
| News

Firefighters were involved in a dramatic rescue in York city centre late last night.

They were called out at 11.39pm yesterday (Tuesday) to reports of a man on a crane over the River Ouse.

The man was about 25 metres (82 feet) above the water.

This shows how high they had to go

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service despatched the aerial platform from Huntington, along with two engines.

Because the man was over the water, a crew were also patrolling the river on the fire service rescue boat. A crew from York Rescue Boat were also called out.

A spokeswoman for the fire service said the man was safely brought down from the crane.

The operation lasted around three hours
Crews were on scene to around 3am on Wednesday

Police and ambulance crews were also at the scene.

The incident lasted some time, with the first fire crews leaving at 2.55am this morning.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Around 11.30pm last night police received reports of a man on a crane over the river near Queen’s Staith Road in York.

“Police attended with the fire service  and ambulance and the man was brought to safety.”

Michael Neal, who lives by the river, captured these extraordinary photographs. He praised the rescue services for their response and bringing the man to safety.