Diary: Watch genius parody video as Hitler reacts badly to Willow closure fears

Not happy… the BNOC, in a still from the video
7 Jul 2015 @ 7.49 pm
| News

WARNING: Contains strong language in the subtitles (we’re not sure about the original German)

Ali Woods, we salute you.

We have watched many a Hitler Downfall parody in our time, but none has made us laugh more than yours.

Reacting to fears – as yet still unconfirmed – that the Willow disco and restaurant is to close on July 26, Hitler goes into meltdown in Ali’s spoof.

Planning a night out, his subordinates plot a York night including visits to the Stone Roses and Dusk bars, finishing with Vodka Revs at Revolution.

When Hitler – referred to not as Führer but BNOC (‘Big Name On Campus’ in university-speak) – suggests hitting the Willow at 2am when the “queues have died down”, his bunker mates must break the bad news.

The subtitles (complete with strong language) tell of the torment this news wreaks…