Death comes to the Joseph Rowntree Theatre – and promises to be a right laugh

Death comes to us all! Rehearsals for Mort
20 Jun 2016 @ 9.00 am
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Death comes to us all! Rehearsals for Mort
Death comes to us all! Rehearsals for Mort
“Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job.”

Witty, dead-pan, fast paced and highly entertaining, Mort is an adaptation by Stephen Briggs of the 4th novel in Terry Prachett’s Discworld Saga.

Mort is coming to York at the Joseph Rowntree theatre on June 21 and 22.

This comedy is not to be missed by Prachett fans but also confidently stands alone for theatre goers who perhaps have not previously read any of the novels.

The production, by theatre group We Are Theatre, brings together a talented cast of individuals to provide unforgettable performances of larger than life characters.

Roger McGivern, complete with stilts, takes on the principle role of Death, who incidentally rides a horse called Binky and has a daughter who is especially fond of her pink dressing gown.

Mort in rehearsals
Another picture Mort in rehearsals

Then there is the talking door knocker, Albert the manservant with a dribbly nose, a highly strung princess, the town crier who insists on shouting everything and numerous other magical folk including the wizard Cutwell who remembers being shown where the toilets were on his first day at the Unseen University.

Soon after taking on Mort as his apprentice, Death finds himself in need of some time off and a good curry. When Mort fills in for his boss chaos ensues after he saves the beautiful Princess Keli from death. Only now people do not know if the princess is indeed dead or alive.

Keli meanwhile is determined to be either alive or dead but certainly not both!

Tickets can be bought now from York Theatre Royal Box Office and cost just £10 or £8 for concessions. Group bookings contact [email protected] or call 07521 364107.