Dare you take a twilight tour of one of York’s most haunted houses?

Ready to go in to Treasurer's… after dark?
25 Oct 2018 @ 7.21 pm
| Entertainment

It is regularly cited as one of York’s most haunted houses. So dare you take the tour at twilight?

Treasurer’s House is opening its doors to the public for a unique experience. Special candlelight tours are taking place for one night only – this Saturday evening (October 27).

Hear eerie tales of deceitful deeds and spooky sightings as your host delves into the house’s ghostly past with stories to chill and thrill.

Standing quietly in the long shadows of the Minster, firmly rooted in York’s rich historic past, Treasurer’s House has many secrets.

During the daytime its connection to the past is undeniable. Under the shadowy flicker of candlelight however this spookily atmospheric house takes on an altogether different complexion.

Playing tricks

A lot of secrets… Treasurer’s House. Photograph: © National Trust Images / Nick Meers
Visitor experience officer Patty Kraus said:

  • Treasurer’s House is always playing little tricks on us. Sometimes you just get a sense that there’s someone with you, a presence of some sort.

    Other times it’s all the little things that just make no sense and cannot be explained.

Treasurer’s at twilight
  • Sat Oct 27 @ 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
  • Treasurer’s House
  • £10 for adults, £7.50 for under 18s
  • More details

Strange occurrences happen so regularly that the house even has a register of ghostly goings on. This spooky book details all the unusual happenings experienced by visitors, volunteers and the house team alike.

Throughout this special 45-minute twilight tour of the house these stories, along with other documented events from the archives are retold by candlelight, giving visitors an exclusive glimpse to this other, more unnerving facet to the house’s personality.