38 behind-the-scenes pix from filming of BBC dance spectacular in York

6 Jan 2017 @ 3.25 pm
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It’s working title was Yorkshire Pride and the finished series is called Our Dancing Town.

Our Dancing Town

Photographs by jaynetheunicorn

TV series starts on BBC2, Tue Jan 10 @ 9pm

But we think it should be renamed Strictly York!

One day back in August it felt like the whole city had turned up to shake their tailfeathers in the city centre.

They were taking part in the finale of a brand new BBC2 series, Our Dancing Town, which begins on Tuesday (January 10).

And the amazing routine was filmed from every angle – including with a drone-powered eye in the sky.

Spectacular finale

Ready for our close up

So what is the show about? As the Radio Times puts it:

Think The Choir but with dancing.

The idea is to get the people of a place with a rich history to perform a big dance on the streets that tells the story of their town.

Choreographer Steve Elias goes to Barnsley, Huddersfield and Skipton before arriving on Lendal and Museum Gardens “to pull off one, final dance spectacular in the historic city of York as he celebrates the whole of Yorkshire”.

These wonderful pictures of the day were taken by city photographer jaynetheunicorn.

Through her photography, she had got to know the amazing Fossy’s Flossy’s team behind the voluntary café which helped those stricken by the floods a year ago on Huntington Road.

They were featured in the BBC2 dance finale… alongside York Acorn Rugby players, members of the city’s only roller derby team the York Minxters, Romans, giant sheep, the Lord Mayor and many more.

So are you in our gallery?