Council’s advice for a trouble-free Bonfire Night

22 Oct 2013 @ 5.40 pm
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Issued by City of York Council

Bonfire night can be fun for all, but if it creates nuisance to neighbours, the council can take enforcement action. That’s the message from City of York Council this autumn.

The council is reminding residents that garden waste can be disposed of by composting, recycling or through the green bin rather than heaping it on a bonfire – especially if it’s damp. Gardeners can use a topical check list of bonfire night do’s and don’ts relevant at any time of year:

· It’s best to burn materials when they are dry

· Household rubbish, rubber tyres or anything containing plastic foam or paint should never be burned and should be disposed of at York’s household waste recycling centres

· Never use engine oil, meths or petrol to light the fire

· Try and light fires when light wind will carry smoke away from your neighbours

Thanks to funding from the Safer York Partnership, the council will be running extra noise patrols to help tackle the problems of excessive bonfire smoke and noise in the days surrounding the event.

Councillor Linsay Cunningham-Cross, Cabinet Member for Crime and Stronger Communities, said: “We want bonfire night to be a fun and enjoyable time for everyone, but it’s important that people keep themselves safe and respect those around them in their local community.

“We would encourage residents to join in one of the many professionally organised firework displays and bonfires across the city – that is the safest way to enjoy bonfire night.

“However if residents are holding their own fireworks party, it is important they are fully aware of the risks involved.

“The council has put together a helpful list of do’s and don’ts for bonfire night events, but it will also be happy to offer practical advice to those holding their own fireworks events, if required.

“We will be running extra patrols on 5 November to help tackle any potential problems. Residents can call the council’s environmental protection unit (EPU) on 01904 551555.”

Extra noise patrols will run on:

Thursday 31 October, 10pm-1am

Friday 1 November, 9pm-3am

Saturday 2 November, 9pm-3am

Sunday 3 November, 6-11pm

Thursday 5 November, 10pm-1am

Residents can contact the EPU via email here.

There is more information on bonfires on the council’s website.


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