Pictured: the Coca Cola Christmas truck is here. (But is it the real thing?)

4 Dec 2013 @ 1.26 pm
| Food & drink, Opinion

A Coke truck arrived in York today. A Coke truck probably arrives in York every day, given the nation’s addiction to the sweet fizzy beverage.

As someone partial to a glass or two, and a fan of the whole festive thing, I was looking forward to seeing it on Parliament Street. But when I did, I felt as flat as a two day old glass of Panda cola.

Why? Because the multi-million pound marketing campaign associates the brand with Christmas delivered by a large red American truck, either a Peterbilt or a Kenworth. What actually parked outside Browns department store is a European imposter. A Scania no less!

Now I know this is plane spotter territory here, but it just isn’t the Coke truck, as used in the adverts. If it was, that would be something more news worthy. As it is, it’s an advertising gimmick. And as a real believer in Christmas (if not the big red man), I am sorry to see it hijacked in such a way that the interweb is buzzing with excitement at the arrival of a red delivery van.

Anyway, my wife says I am just not entering into the spirit of the thing, so I’ll leave you to judge for yourself… spot the difference!

The European Coke truck in Parliament Street, York
Original recipe – a White Freightliner of the type used in some of the adverts