Claire is an i-Travel York challenge winner

13 Aug 2013 @ 9.23 pm
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A York resident and has won two free York Passes to enter some of York’s most famous attractions by signing up to City of York Council’s i-Travel challenge.

Thanks to Visit York, Claire Gration will be able to enjoy some of York’s top attractions to celebrate completing her personal travel challenge, to walk the Bar Walls four times per week during her lunch break.

Following the launch of the i-Travel York initiative for residents in May, hundreds of residents have signed up to benefit from free travel advice during the most extensive door-to-door exercise ever carried out by the council.

Over 12,000 homes in the north of York could take part in the travel challenge, and out of the 4,300 households contacted, nearly 1,400 participants are already benefiting from the scheme.

Advisers have been on hand to provide tailored travel advice in the Rawcliffe and Clifton wards, and at events citywide, to encourage residents to consider using more sustainable and active modes of transport.

The advisers are providing information such as bus and cycle maps, and offering personal ‘challenges’ for individuals to try out a new form of sustainable transport.

To help them on their way, participants receive incentives such as a pedometer, a free All York bus taster ticket worth £20, discounted cycle training or a free bike health check.

Supported by the council’s four-year i-Travel York initiative, made possible by £4.6 million of government funding which the council successfully bid for in 2011, the campaign specifically targets the northern quadrant of the city where there are high numbers of short car trips to employment and retail destinations.

Cllr Dave Merrett, Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability, said: “Over 1,700 residents, like Claire, are now benefiting from this initiative and trying out new travel options and over 1,400 residents are now taking part in or have completed a travel challenge to try out a new way of travelling for their everyday journeys.

“As part of our i-Travel York programme, we are aiming to increase levels of cycling by 20 per cent and walking by 10 per cent by 2016. We are also working towards increasing bus usage by 20 per cent by 2015.”

The exercise will roll-out to other wards including Huntington, Haxby, Earswick and New Earswick in 2014. However, everyone is invited to attend local community events taking place across the city over the summer and all residents can take advantage of i-Travel York’s free travel advice service available online or by phone.

For more information on taking up a travel challenge, or to book a free personal travel consultation, contact the i-Travel York team by email, phone 01904 636359, follow @itravelyork, like on Facebook or visit the website.

Residents can also sign up to MyTravelYork on the website to receive information updates, promotional offers and the latest news on their travel options.


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