City of York Council help make 5-year-old Finn’s dreams come true

3 Dec 2012 @ 9.03 am
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Finn Greenhouse gets busy with the bins. Photograph: City of York Council

Issued by City of York Council

Since the age of three, Finn Greenhouse from York has had a very special dream of what he wants to be when he grows up. Finn doesn’t want to become an astronaut or a racing car driver, Finn would like to become a recycling superhero!

Now aged five, City of York Council is going to help Finn’s dreams come true and give him a birthday present he’ll never forget. Finn will become a recycling collector for the morning and instead of waving to the recycling crew every day at 7am from his bedroom window, he will instead be joining them.

The council’s recycling team will pick Finn up from his home in a recycling lorry and drive him to the council’s Eco Depot in Hazel Court, York.

On arrival, Finn will get straight down to business by getting suited and booted for the job. He will be provided with a hi-vis (with his name written on the front) and a small recycling bin.

The driver will then take the wagon through the council’s vehicle-wash before showing Finn what the crews have to do while collecting recycling.

This will include letting him ‘load’ some recyclables into the vehicle and then see how the material gets into the back of the wagon.

Annie Greenhouse, Finn’s Mum – who will be joining him on the day, said: “Thank you so much to City of York Council for giving this amazing opportunity to Finn. He has been a budding environmentalist from the age of three. Finn is our eco-conscience, ensuring we turn off lights and computers and loves sorting our recycling.

“City of York Council has made a little boy who wants to save the planet over the moon. I can’t wait to see his little face light up when a real recycling truck comes to pick him up. I think this will go down as the best birthday surprise in history. Thank you.”

Cllr David Levene, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic that we’ve been able to help fulfil Finn’s dreams and it’s so encouraging that at the age of five years old one of our youngest residents is so keen on recycling and saving the planet! If everyone could take a leaf out of Finn’s book, we could all go a long way to making our city a Smarter York.”

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