Chill out! York is the least stressed city in the UK – bar one

A young woman relaxes with a good book in Museum Gardens, York. Photograph © Charles Nadeau on Flickr
3 Jul 2017 @ 7.44 pm
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Fancy reading a story about how York is one of Britain’s most chilled-out cities? Not bothered? No worries…

But if you are interested, this news emerges from a survey of The UK’s Most Stressful Places to Live.

It ranked 52 cities in Britain. And York was second bottom.

The ranking was based on all manner of stats including:

  • jobs – employment levels and overtime worked
  • daily commute times
  • finances, including house prices, cost of living and credit scores
  • wellbeing – levels of happiness and anxiety
  • and demographic data on how crowded and crime prone the cites were.

Unsurprisingly London made it as the most stressed, with Birmingham, Ipswich, Dundee and – bizarrely – Worthing the next most harassed.

Happy chappies

Only a seriously chilled city has its own ice cream boat. Photograph: Martha Maguire
The stressed city guide has been put together by finances website

York was the second least stressed city mainly because of its good jobs market, lack of commute and low crime rates.

It has a happiness score of 77% and anxiety levels of less than 32%. As the guide puts it:

York has the lowest number of unemployment benefit claimants in the country, and the ancient Roman city also ranks high for happiness.

It’s one of the least stressed places in the UK, and offers good transport connections, a wealth of historic buildings, and pretty cobbled streets.

So which place pipped York to the post of most chilled city?

Er, Doncaster. Due to its high job growth, low cost of living and general lack of anxiety.

They don’t give a damn those Donny boys and girls.