Challenging games you can try out with your friends

12 Dec 2019 @ 1.41 pm
| Family

Where would we be without our friends? Family is important and everything, but it’s our childhood comrades and the ones we make along the way that truly make this a less bumpy ride.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them since kindergarten or from your last job; a person you call a friend is someone you can rely on – or just go grab a couple of beers after work. Still, things can get boring after a while, and your outings tend to get mundane after a while. This is why it is always best to spruce things up and try new ways to have fun. These are some challenging games you can try out with your friends on a boring night.

Scavenger hunt

An instant classic that is loved by children and adults alike, the scavenger hunt is quite the wild ride, and you won’t ever get bored with this one. It also doesn’t cost you much to set it up! The idea is simple; you get some clues and plant them in the backyard or around the house and make a list of where each one is. Participants –– who are usually divided into teams –– try to collect as many items as possible and the team who collects the most wins. You could get some cool trinkets from the local thrift store to even make things more exciting –– who doesn’t love chasing after a pirate’s map or an ancient object?

The accent challenge

This is another pretty fun game you can try with your friends if you can keep it together and not burst into laughter. The premise is that each of you tries to go on a one-on-one challenge with another member of the group, trying to imitate a foreign accent. The rest of the group can then vote on the winner if they can even make what’s being said. It’s quite the hilarious game, but it’s also pretty challenging because trying to nail an accent is much harder than it seems.

Word games

You knew we had to get there, the most dreaded party games ever. Word games are quite entertaining, but they’re pretty difficult, and they require a lot of attention and focus. Take Words with Friends, for instance, where you and your friends take turns trying to build words in a puzzle style. It sounds easy, but it’s pretty difficult, and you’ll need some words with friends help most probably. It’s no wonder that most people look for some cheats for this game, but in any case, it’s quite the fun ride, and everybody enjoys a good old fashioned word game.

Cards against humanity

While not exactly challenging –– though it can be difficult to win in this one –– cards against humanity is definitely the ultimate party game. Each round, a different player gets a black card with a missing sentence or two, and the other players try to fill in the blanks with their white cards –– which contain the most absurd, inappropriate, blasphemous, hilarious, or all the above sentences. It’s fun, addictive, and quite funny.


It had to come up sooner or later, because Pictionary is one of the best games out there to play with friends, and it’s pretty timeless. You just draw a card with a sentence or a word on it, and you try to convey that to your team using pictures. It is quite an amusing game and the perfect chance to unleash your inner artist, and it can be very challenging considering most people draw really bad.


People love Trivia because it is as informative as it is hilarious. You’re usually divided into teams, and each gets asked questions about interesting but really pointless facts. The great thing about this game is the fact that you can mould it according to the group’s preferences. If you’re all football fans, the trivia questions could be about famous players, matches, and events. If you all are cinephiles, the questions will be about famous films and directors. The possibilities are endless, and with each one, you get a totally different game that can cater to all sorts of people with varying interests.

There are tons of games out there, and there will probably be a lot more in the future. If you’re looking for a challenge, these games can definitely more than deliver, but they’re also entertaining. And isn’t that what time spent with friends is all about? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which games you choose, because the important thing is the fact that you’re playing with friends and creating happy memories.