Call for new bus interchange at York Station

Bus services must be prioritised after the pandemic, according to a York organisation.

York Bus Forum says resources should be put towards restoring the bus network after the virus has been brought under control.

A spokesman for the forum said an alternative to private cars will be “vital”.

He added: “Our key concern currently is to ensure that once the current virus emergency has finally been brought under control and life in York returns to normal, sufficient resources are available to restore the bus network to the previous levels of service, reliability and public facility.

“For the city to recover its economy an effective bus service that offers an alternative for private car use is vital.

“Following that we will resume our campaign to improve the quality of the service for the residents and visitors focussing on comfort, convenience and regularity whilst maintaining value for money for users.”

Space limited

Plans showing how the station might look

They added that members of the forum would like to see a bus and rail interchange created as part of the plans to revamp the front of York Station.

Council officers have previously said space is very limited in the area outside the station.

The forum spokesman added that they would support any plans to allocate more road space to buses in the city and are in favour of the bus clean air zone.

Doreen Magill, chair of the York Bus Forum, said: “We are well placed to discuss the bus service issues of the city and our monthly meetings have never been so popular, all are welcome to attend.”