Broadcaster and I’m A Celebrity star Danny Baker heading to York

Plenty to talk about… Danny Baker
27 Mar 2017 @ 7.29 pm
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He has done everything from swimming with eels on I’m A Celebrity to writing for Top Gear and advertising washing powder.

Danny Baker – Cradle to the Stage

Wed Apr 26


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So Danny Baker won’t be short of things to talk about when he heads to York next month.

The broadcasting legend hits the Grand Opera House in April as part of his first ever tour.

And he’s ready to spill the beans from spending 40 years “at this showman racket”.

Varied and bonkers

Since first being talent spotted as a writer for punk fanzine Sniffin’ Glue Danny has enjoyed a varied and sometimes bonkers career as a writer and presenter.

He has met and interviewed everyone from John Lennon to Michael Jackson, David Bowie to Kenneth Williams.

As well as hosting radio shows on the BBC and other networks, Danny has appeared on all manner of TV shows including Have I Got News for You, Shooting Stars and Room 101.

He was a contestant in the last series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and famously fell-out with the other latecomer to the series Martin Roberts.

In his one-man show, he will be “wowing the folks with my anecdotal back catalogue, games involving sausages and impressive six octave range,” he said.

“No two nights of this extravaganza will be the same. This is less of a boast than admission that a) I am hopeless at learning scripts and b) I still have no idea what I am going to include.

“I will of course arrive in front of you going off like a Cacophonous Catherine Wheel of Chat, armed with hundreds of tall tales to tell many complete with proof from my family picture album to stop you thinking I am simply raving. ”

Pile in and hang onto your hats

Danny’s recent bestselling autobiographies were adapted into the hit BBC series Cradle to Grave starring Peter Kay, and he is currently working on the third instalment.

He can be heard Saturdays mornings with his award-winning BBC Radio 5 Live show which includes his usual mixture of music, sport, guests and, of course, Danny’s signature encyclopaedic wit.

Whatever happens, Danny’s going live. As he says…

In fact, if you don’t show up I’m going to do it in your local theatre anyway. So you may as well come. Why should the ushers have all the fun?

So, in short, roll up, pile in and hang onto your hats. I am back where I belong. On the stage! Shove over Tommy Steele – there’s a new sheriff in town!