Bishy Road to get a £165K upgrade to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians

The junction of Bishopthorpe Road and Scarcroft Road. Photograph © Google Street View

A busy York junction is set to get a £165K upgrade to make it better for cyclists and pedestrians.

The scheme would see a new pedestrian crossing created near the junction with Scarcroft Road and two filter lanes of traffic removed.

A cycle lane will also be moved and the pavement widened.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne will be asked to approve the project at a City of York Council meeting on Thursday.

The plans include getting rid of the small left turn filter lane outside Sainsbury’s Local and the left turn lane on the Scarcroft Road approach to Bishopthorpe Road, so that the pavement can be made wider and a short cycle lane can be created.

Upgrade the signals

Johnny Hayes on Bishopthorpe Road in 2015
A report says the scheme aims to make the junction safer for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as upgrading traffic signals.

It adds that the plans are supported by local organisations and councillors. A letter from former councillor and chair of Indie York Johnny Hayes says:

  • I am certainly not an expert on traffic but the research has made me very much aware of how the area needs to improve for pedestrians.

    This is a busy road with more than 1,000 car movements per hour at peak times in and around this junction.

    There have been many reported incidents of close misses at the junction with pedestrians nipping across and misinterpreting traffic movements.

He said the proposals “will help to reduce delays, help to make this a more pedestrian friendly junction, reduce the number of near miss situations but not have a major impact on congestion”.

The report says: “The addition of a new pedestrian crossing on the northern arm of the junction has been proposed at the request of the Bishopthorpe Traders Association.

“Queuing and delay are likely to increase on the Scarcroft Road approach to the junction during all periods given the removal of the left turn filter lane.”

But it adds that if the Scarcroft Road approach to the junction is narrowed, this means there will be less space for the Sainsbury’s lorry that pulls up on this section to load.

The existing traffic island will also be removed.